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For Educators

As an educator, you can introduce a whole new generation of children to Smokey Bear and his message of wildfire prevention. To help you, we have several helpful educational resources that meet learning objectives.

These materials were created in 2007 and linked to the appropriate standards at the time of their development. Those standards may have changed, but the learning objectives remain the same.

Elementary School

K-2 activities and other materials.


Middle School

Grade 6–8 activities and other materials.


Forest Links

Links to more educational resources.

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For Libraries: Smokey Bear Reading Challenge

Engage youth in reading about wildfire prevention, forests, and natural resource careers while they explore their local environment.

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For Libraries: Smokey Bear's 80th Birthday Mission

Celebrate Smokey's 80th Birthday and explore Smokey’s cabin through the Agents of Discovery app. 

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Smokey Bear Says...

@smokey_bear 3 years ago

Smokey Bear Says...

Remember, #OnlyYou can prevent wildfires! For more helpful tips, visit

In 2022,
87% of wildfires were caused by humans.