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Smokey Bear
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Celebrate 80 years of Smokey by exploring Smokey’s history throughout the generations!

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I pledge to:

  • be careful anytime I use fire or items that can cause sparks.
  • never leave my fire unattended.
  • drown, stir, drown again and feel it’s cool with the back of my hand when I put out my fire.
  • NOT use fire or operate equipment when it’s windy, dry or hot.
  • make sure there are at least 15 feet between my fire and flammable things.
  • always have a water source nearby.
  • put out and discard smoking materials properly.
  • NOT dump hot ashes from my BBQ grill or firepit.


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Only you can prevent wildfires. Show your commitment to making a difference. Sign the pledge to help stop the spread of wildfires.

Wildfires are any unplanned fires that burn in forests and other wildlands such as shrub or grass communities. They’re a powerful natural force we must fully understand, and respect, in order to best help control. Nearly nine out of ten wildfires nationwide are still caused by humans.

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Smokey Bear Says...

@smokey_bear 3 years ago

Smokey Bear Says...

Remember, #OnlyYou can prevent wildfires! For more helpful tips, visit

In 2022,
87% of wildfires were caused by humans.