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Equipment Maintenance


Today most equipment requires the use of a spark arrestor. A spark arrestor is a mechanical device that traps or destroys hot exhaust particles that have been released from an internal combustion engine.

A spark arrestor works by destroying carbon particles that are greater than .023 inches in diameter. The most commonly used spark arrestor traps carbon particles in the exhaust system. Then by screening the larger carbon particles out of the exhaust, the heavier particles are thrown against the walls of the arrestor and into a trap.

Spark arrestors can be divided into two categories: multiposition small engine (MSE) and general purpose (GP). MSE's are designed for handheld equipment such as chain saws, blowers etc. GP's are designed for an engine that remains in a single position for tractors, motorcycles, etc.

While spark arrestors are not 100% effective, they GREATLY reduce the risk of starting a wildfire.


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