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Be Smart Outdoors


Essential information to navigate the outdoors with wildfire safety in mind

Campfire Safety

Building a campfire can be a lot of fun. But be sure to keep safety in mind before, during, and after you've built it. Smokey Bear's campfire safety guide will help keep you, and others, safe when cooking and camping outdoors.

Campfire Safety Tips



Debris Burning

Where allowed by law, debris burning is a project that can be safely undertaken if you take the time to educate yourself with proper burning techniques and obtain proper fire suppression tools: a garden hose or a fire extinguisher and a shovel available at the site. See how easily burning debris can start a wildfire.

Debris Burning Tips



Debris Burning

You could start a wildfire by simply using a piece of equipment. The sparks from equipment could catch dry grass and other vegetation on fire. Understand how proper equipment maintenance can reduce wildfires.

Equipment Maintenance Tips



House Safety

Photo provided by National Interagency Fire Center

Safety is not only important outdoors, but also in and around our homes. More than 900 homes are burned by wildfire each year.

House Safety Tips


Approximate number of acres burned in the U.S. so far this year based on historical statistics.


Wildfires Burning Today

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